The Gold and The White – Danae and The Shower of Gold by Léon-François Comerre

Danae and the shower of gold by Léon François-Comerre
Danae and the shower of gold by Léon François-Comerre

A blinding light surrounds a pale body laid on the mist of an unmade bed. The cold and dark clouds surrounding the scene have spread out to let the infinite drops of gold find their way to the white flesh.

As she covers her eyes with her delicate porcelain hand, Danae unveils her breast. The shimmering glow penetrates the surface of her skin, leaving her languorous, bathing in the shower of gold. Her rose undulating long hair embraces her perfect face, follows the curves of her neck and the camber of her back. The jewellery box and the pearls sitting on the corner of the creased pillow were left aside for other pleasures.

Imprisoned in the obscurity, oblivion and dormant, she is woken up by lust and aspiration, for Zeus has been desiring Danae from a world far away. Unable to reach her, he has come in the form of golden rain. The king of gods, almighty and forceful, through an unbelievable sprinkle of light, has found his way to the subject of his fascination.

She receives the light through the surface of her skin and lets the gold immerse her. Feelings disseminate to her heart, creating a tempest of unexperienced emotions she has trouble  holding. Her eyes closed and her innocence prevailing, Danae succumbs to the force of the light and gold.   

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