Innocent Games, The Pond at Montgeron by Monet

The Pond at Montgeron by Monet
The Pond at Montgeron by Monet

The light reflects its strong and captivating presence in the water. Its original smooth and ungraspable form becomes a textured physical presence. As it dives into to surface of the liquid, it transforms into undulating shapes. The darkness of the trees covers the water of shadows. This macabre scenario doesn’t stop the light from reflecting its beams onto the brown, green and grey color scheme. Shadows appear on the right hand side of the clearing. Have they been there the whole time? Their ghostly figures play with the background. Blended in the infinity of dashes which compose this painting.

From where we stand, we can hear the water streaming, but as the light comes closer to the water, the waves stop making their sound reminiscent of sharp giggles. Afraid, they pause their activities and hold their breathe to hear what the light has to say.
Not wanting to do any harm, the light hops and frolics like a joyful child. Never aware of her great presence over the elements around her. The light and the water flirt joyfully, leaving nature witness their innocent games. At times, the reflection of the light dims down, leaving the waves sad and cold. Now that they have been tamed, they feel abandoned. Their laughter has left for quiet sighs. As they continue to search for their golden friend, they hit the edges of the pond. Weary and deflated, they stand still and they realize no matter how large the surface of the water, nothing matters when there’s no light in sight.

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