The Clouds, the Wind, and the Omen. Road in the Village of Baldersbrønde Winter Day by Laurits Andersen Ring

Road in the Village of Baldersbrønde Winter Day 1912, Laurits Andersen Ring
Road in the Village of Baldersbrønde Winter Day 1912, Laurits Andersen Ring

Pale and obscurity reins in the daylight landscape of Laurits Andersen Ring. The heavy dense layers of snow cover the village with austerity. Clusters of clouds have created a strong wall from which only a cold breeze can pierce. The icy gentle wind hisses and twirls in the hollowness of the scene, exploring the space, finding its way, and hitting the skinny branches of the trees. It’s perhaps the only form of life in sight.

Winter is in character, creating a peculiar setting and playing tricks. It owns the moment, proud of its aloneness, it spreads its frozen presence, preventing any kind of Human on its territory. Alone and content, it silences the atmosphere. Nature has muted and only the crunching sound of heavy steps plunging into the deep layers of snow remains.

The serenity the landscape offers is frightening. The grey mysterious clouds predict a dreadful omen. As they advance towards the houses and the trees, swirling and flirting with the wind, they blend and form a creature. I imagine standing there, in the middle of nowhere, turning my head left to right, and then right to left. I suddenly turn back as I fear a presence walking towards me. I swear I heard a step.

I look up and without noticing, find myself entwined in the creature’s invisible arms. I hear a sharp melody reminiscent of the enchanting music and voices of mermaids. Charmed and entranced I let myself go, leaving my body and soul to the creature’s commands. I am taken away, convinced by the endless chants that I had nowhere else to go. Soon, my feet are no longer on the ground. I am flying away in a magnificent delight and I no longer have to worry.” Everything will be fine” I hear, for I am swirling in the wind in the arms of the omen.

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