Attraction comes from Energy – Bloody Mary 1 by Heringa Van Kalsbeek

Bloody Mary 1 by Heringa Van Kalsbeek
Bloody Mary 1 by Heringa Van Kalsbeek

Thin delicate petals are stacked in disarray and form a strange creature. Color is hurled on each cell of this living form, that has now to endure its appearance as it is. Blue, purple, yellow and red, whichever color has landed on the creature defines its new identity as a whole. One can let the eyes run through the creases, grooves, and rims. The mind has stopped thinking and has entered a meditative space, engaging unconsciously with the subtle disconnections and attachments that unite the organic morsels.

Is it a beauty or a mistake? This is the early stage of reasoning and introspection. Standing alone, it has more chance to be appreciated as a magnificent beast, than if it was set against other similar forms. As soon as comparison enters the spectrum, senses go amiss and reason imposes its judgement.

It’s an explosion, a celebration of spontaneity. All colorful parts of the creature exist unapologetically. The soul is accustomed to release emotions to certain shapes, and certain colors, but it can also react when it hasn’t recognized them. The energy, pride and confidence determines the level of attraction.

The magnetism of this art piece translates the intentions of its creators. Vivacity, curiosity, compassion, and courage transcend this creature. Its owners have set out their values and personalities through this piece, perhaps wanting to share the exploration and the unsettling variations of their life in a given moment. Some will say it’s beautiful, who knows what others will say; but we are not arguing on the physical aspect of the art, but rather on how it hits our souls.



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