The Dream Bearer – Spring Scattering Stars by Edwin Howland Blashfield

Edwin Howland Blashfield, Spring Scattering Stars -1927
Edwin Howland Blashfield, Spring Scattering Stars -1927

A woman scatters a trail of stars into the night. Standing on the bright arched moon, she looks upon us with confidence and pride. Along with her is a child, possibly an angel, helping her to get the stars out of a pouch.
The velvet sky and the grey clouds around the woman’s sturdy silhouette evaporate as the half-moon shines through the night.

Is she the dream bearer, the one who disburses dreams,  an otherworldly woman, spreading her love in the form of stars? She dictates, from the moment we close our eyes, when our voyage to an imaginary world begins, just where it will take us.

She appears each night, bringing with her the stars which hold the landscapes, the dialogues and the characters for the stories in our dreams. We are the children of her night, and she is the mother of our unconscious minds. We lay unshielded from reality and she offers her protection, letting us navigate innocently in the twilight.

As the stars fall onto our skins, enter the layers of our flesh and meet the depths our souls, she controls our breathing and the beats of our hearts. “Let this moment be mine” she whispers gently. The soft swish of the stars swirling against each other caresses our eyelids, closing them for a finite time. We no longer own time or space, we just fall into another world, the one guided by a majestic woman scattering a trail of stars into the night.

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