Unbearable to watch, yet too sumptuous to stay away from – Liebe by Klimt

Klimt, Liebe
Klimt, Liebe

Under the eyes of Paradise and Hell, a woman lustfully waits for the kiss of a man. She longs for his lips and holds on to his attire. Not wanting to let go, she is ready to wait forever, as this is the only source of life that’s left inside her; without it she dies. When the moment comes she will evanesce with delight.

The space that separates them from one another and the seconds that are missing for them to touch create anxiety and desire. This feeling is confirmed by the expression of the onlookers above their heads. They are reminiscent of a halo that’s barely distinguishable from thin air, yet they form a rite of passage. Through their almost nonexistence they represent the flesh and sanity of the two lovers who have delved into their emotions, far beyond reality, senses and reason. Where did they find each other and what ties them together? One is delicate and alive, the other one is dark and otherworldly, yet their love is pure and immortal.

He is made of her, swathed of her scent, her breath and her presence. He will protect her for eternity and she will be his for as long as she can bear his passion. She has started to succumb, her pale-rose right hand has faded into his tones – cement, grey, emptiness, death. It won’t take long before they blend with one another. This moment is a nocturne, an ensemble of minor sorrowful melodies that are too unbearable to hear, yet too sumptuous to stay away from.

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