Is Beauty Always Created from Beauty? “Feld” by Gunther Uecker

"Feld (Struktur)" by Günther Uecker
“Feld (Struktur)” by Günther Uecker

Gunther Uecker’s work is made out of nails, creamy paint and a canvas.
The atmosphere is airy while entering the first floor’s main room at Dominique Levy; there is an unexpected feeling contrasting with the connotation of the planted nails which first seemed frightening and dark.

The swirls of light grey shades circling on the beige background is reminiscent of a day at the beach during a cold windy day. The wind is blowing and we are pressed to hastily close our jackets. The air is crisp and the current messes up our hair. We can barely see anything as our eyes squint from the dust and the micro balls of sand lodged underneath our eye lids. The scene sounds uncomfortable but it has a poetic feel which translates from the sinuous trail created by the meticulously arranged nails.

As we move closer to the canvas, we see the large nails and the textured splashes of paints in detail. We imagine the nails were nested in the canvas by using strength and they were perhaps forced in because how unnatural is a nail resting on the surface of a canvas?
The voluptuous twirls and swirls contradict the existence of the metal which can no longer be denied. Is beauty created from beauty? Or can something as common and valueless as metal can lead to an imaginary landscape made of emotions, memories and desire?

Details, "Feld (Struktur)" by Günther Uecker
Details, “Feld (Struktur)” by Günther Uecker


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