The Dashes, The Dots and The Silence – Snowy Night by Bill Jacklin

Snowy Night by Bill Jacklin
Snowy Night by Bill Jacklin

Two people are walking into the dark.
Alone, they are struggling to put one foot after another. They are holding an umbrella to protect themselves from the wind and the snow, not knowing how to approach the weather, it seems that have a long way to go.
The wind describes twirls surrounding the two characters. A whirlpool made of dashes and dots dances around them, not ready to leave them alone. We hear from afar the muffled music of their heavy steps on the snow. The sound evokes quietness yet the silence is moving on the canvas as if it was a person.
The light is also alive around the characters. At times bright and at others dimmed down and lifeless, making the subjects look even smaller than they already are. The wind rustles and susurrates sweet secrets to their ears.

Despite the terrifying nature of this scene, a soothing and calming feeling emanates from the painting. The weather acts as a protective element as if something else more dangerous was bound to happen.
That walk will last for hours, both of them will enjoy this time together for many more hours.
They won’t be the only ones. The dashes, the dots and the silence will feast and dance around their guests, until they find somebody new to play.

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