The Twofold Meaning Painting – Upir by Bernard Frize

Upir by Bernard Frize
Upir by Bernard Frize

It’s a painting that breathes, with a background of sound. An electrifying moment stuck in a black and white landscape. A depiction of a heartbeat struggling to get its tempo right. In between lines and scarcely intersecting with peeks and downfalls, a shadow of rose hue finds its way into the mess.

The only way to get away from the distress emanating from this painting is to let the imagination approach the smears evaporating from the intense and profuse black gradient palette.

From far, it’s a pine forest transposed into a cold winter background. The snow camouflages what it can of the streaks of troubles left behind the taller trees. The white material leaves a feeling of reassurance and tranquility. We are at peace. It’s just us and the dark colors, and the anxiety. But now the sounds of dull desperation have evaporated to leave our senses shut and our consciousness numb.

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