Heavenly Hope: the Chimera Imagined by Kyosuke Tchinai

Kyosuke Tchinai "Going back to the moon"
Kyosuke Tchinai “Going back to the moon”

What if there was a world apart from the earth? A realm made of splashes and waves of beauty, ingenious colors, and voluptuous shapes. Japanese artist Kyosuke Tchinai is inviting us to discover such a heavenly hope.

In Going Back to the Moon, we are escaping reality to dive into a scenery made of symmetry, perfect juxtapositions of natural elements, and amalgamation of colors. Aqua, flora, and earth exult a plethora of actions that are getting through the painting to invade our senses: the odor of fresh tropical flowers mixed with the fresh drops of water on our skin while we are visually drawn into the details of the thousands of white dots shaping the background.

In the center of the painting stands what appears to be an ancient cart with wheels and handles. Only some of its parts are recognizable as it’s being covered with palm leaves and whirls of water. The surface of the moon is coming out from the waters, alive. Perhaps the turmoil is caused by the irruption of the moon announcing something greater coming along.

The chimera imagined by the painter is attractive and it feels like if we were allowed to, we would dive in with no hesitation. Just for the pleasure to touch the frisky air created by the revolution of the waters and the meditative scenario that’s playing in front of our eyes.

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