Wherever You Go, Take Me There

Przygoda Pewnego Pawia (1966) by Jozef Wilkon
Przygoda Pewnego Pawia (1966) –  Jozef Wilkon

Feathered friends drifting towards an undefined purpose. In a foggy rose hue, announcing the beginning of the day or celebrating a dimmed sunset, birds are looking in the same direction.
Jozef Wilkon uses watercolors and dry pastels to portray animals and nature. This illustration is part of a children’s book narrating the adventures of a peacock. The animals depicted by the painter are used as metaphors to reflect the humanity’s character traits.

The willowy creatures are straddling over the canes emerging from the bubblegum rose water. Some of them are progressing as duos or small groups while others are marching alone.

Branches and bushes hang from the sky and their reflection disappears into the pond, smeared by the undulating water. Nature is protective of its inhabitants. It seems to act as a shield.

A swan is leading the group. It is proudly floating, its dark charcoal feathers contrasting with the clear water. This journey appears serious and significant.

The dominance of rose makes this scene poetic and heart warming. We are seeing this image as a dream vision where we would be willing to subtly slide into and follow the crowd.

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