A Gathering of Aliens Celebrating Ice and Frost – Ali Banisadr’ “Age” Painting

Ali Banisadr CROPPED
Ali Banisadr, Age 

A twirl of ice overlooking an agitated crowd.
From far, Ali Banisadr’s painting Age, appears complex and over-filled with details. But the beauty of the color gradation entices us to admire each feature, to explore the meaning and to decipher the artist’s language.

Ali Banisadr Commentaries

The art piece invites us to come closer, one step at a time. The top plan is comprised by the vertical ice-blue flames mingling with remaining fire flames. The whole movement is a tornado, an element which confirms that something violent is happening.
As we get accustomed to the imagery, the bottom part becomes uncomplicated. Irregular shapes are drawn and inlaid with dots, dashes and stripes. Colors are directing the scenario of the painting. As the eye progresses towards the center of the canvas the color scheme is moving from a grass green into an ice blue. A shoot of vivid red and subtle violet is sparsed here and there.
The main focus is the light blue twirl dancing above the little characters. An army of mutants, aliens, Star Wars monsters are joining the festivity. What kind of dream is that?

We’ve entered a dreamlike vision. The celebration of ice over fire.The geometric shapes of the ice are taking over the voluptuous roundness of the fire. Splashes of frost are reaching the sky. What was perceived as a violent depiction is turning into a beautiful story.
We’re in another galaxy where the winter and blizzards are welcomed with joy. The energy is cold and dark yet spectacular and magnificent.
The scene is a synonym of dance, movement and change. A new era is starting for the inhabitants of this place. We can hear the whispers of the wind announcing its arrival to an eager crowd.


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