Monochromatic Canvas Slit And Twisted, An Organized Chaos By Pino Manos

Sincronico Nero Dinamico - Pino Manos

Sincronico Nero Dinamico – Pino Manos

A canvas made out of stripes of textile. That’s a first impression one can get upon entering the Chelsea Unix Gallery.
A deep monochromatic base playing with subtle shimmers on the surface. The painting  slash sculpture looks like an intricate piece of fabric displayed as an art piece.

Pino Manos, the Italian artist behind this captivating painting, takes part into the ‘Rigorismo’ movement.  Rigorismo ‘challenges the definitions and limitations of space and object within artistic media‘. After staring at the hung up piece for a moment, we come to the realization that the artist has twisted stripes of canvas. The means becomes the art. The canvas and paint become the center of attention. Upgrading the status of the brush, the paint and the knife to essentials.

The contrast of light and shadows intensifies the dark color which is multiplied into infinite tones of blacks and grays. The stripes are not evenly slit and therefore creates a feeling of anarchy around the piece. A organized laceration, revealing the uncanny personality of its author.


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