A Long-Lasting Rest For An Exhausted Lady

Anj Smith - The Flowering of PhantomsAnj Smith – The Flowering of Phantoms

A woman sleeping. Branches, insects and dead leaves crawling on her clothing and hair. Anj Smith depicts natural elements morphing on tired and sleeping women in abandoned landscapes.

At first, the paintings seems dark and gloomy; but as I examine the details surrounding the woman, I understand this painting is about something else.

I understand this painting is about something else.

The fall color tones are soft. Burgundy, rose, flesh, brown and a monochromatic background. The spiders and cockroaches look like brooches pinned on the blouse of this lady. Is she going to wake up soon? For how has she been sleeping? The branches in her hair are looking like web spiders, testifying that she’s been resting for a while. And the large dark cercles around her eyes suggest that she’s exhausted. Yet her hair is undone despite the insects crawling on her. She has perfect braids circling in a bun on the side of her head.

I want to think she’ll wake up soon. Or else I’m afraid she’ll be sleeping for ever.The more I watch this lady, the more I care about her. I’ve become attached. Whatever the reason why she is tired and sleeping I feel compassion and kindness towards her.

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