The Buffon Calmed My Nerves From The Live Drumming Last Week At Lisson Gallery

Bloomberg and Chanarin - Photography 4

Bloomberg and Chanarin - Photography 1

A white comforter strapped and folded hanging off the ceiling.  Broomberg and Chanarin photographed this strange character using sepia tones and the background of what looks like an apartment wall.
When entering the Lisson Gallery in London, I got attacked and annoyed by the live drummer playing on the ground floor. I then watched for 2,5 seconds the video and was again irritated by the martial screaming. I found relief in the pictures below.

I found relief in the pictures below.

The large comforting contorted white shape made me stop and enjoy. Was it the fact that it looked like I was seeing my bed twisted and presented to me right this moment? Was I secretly tired and wanted to take a nap?
I can’t tell, because I’m not tired now and by looking at them I feel calm and peaceful.

By reading and searching about the duo Broomberg and Chanarin, I learned that their purpose is to ‘explore tensions between discipline and chance, precision and chaos, empathy and the involuntary pleasure of watching the pain of others.’
The drums were no coincidence then.

The trick was well executed. I felt the dichotomy the artists had been aiming to trigger.

The trick was well executed. I felt the dichotomy the artists had been aiming to trigger.

Going back to the fleeced cosy texture on the photographs. I noticed an arm, feet and parts of a human body shape. This aspect of the overall image was relatable. From an agression to familiarity, my ranges of emotions peaked, plummeted and then went back to normal.

Play this video below while looking at the photographs

Bloomberg and Chanarin - Photography 2

Bloomberg and Chanarin - Photography 3

Bloomberg and Chanarin - Photography 7 Bloomberg and Chanarin - Photography 6 Bloomberg and Chanarin - Photography 8 Bloomberg and Chanarin - Photography 5

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