Hyperrealism Deepens The Relationship Between the Painter And The Viewer

IndefiniteStruggle1-1816x1280 - Gregory Thielker

Indefinite Struggle by Gregory Thielker

A painting imitating a photo. Hyperrealism is an art movement looking to push the limits of reality reproduction.

Why is looking at a painted photo better than looking at a photo?Usually, we’re looking at the artist’s interpretation of the subject. Here, we’re looking at the subject directly via the artist’s eyes. It’s adding another step to the process of viewing. And it’s a fascinating concept if you are willing to get into it. The fact that 90% of the time we think that we are looking at a photo rather than a painting adds another dimension to this approach. By fooling us, the artist forces his presence. We are now in a three way relationship: the painting, us and the artist.

All this happens virtually of course.

In Gregory Thielker’s painting, we are witnessing the state of a road during a storm. It’s raining hard and we are given the replica of what is happening at that given time. We don’t know for sure how we are sheltered. Are we in a coffeshop looking through the window?
Are we in the comfort of our home watching with a cup of tea in our hands? Are we in a car observing the streets close to us?
From the first look, we don’t know.

And we are free to imagine whatever pleases us.

I, for instance am free to believe that the painter and I are sitting next to each in a car. Watching though the windshield. We are looking at exactly the same scene.
The warm colors and the voluptuous strokes makes me feel cosy in the middle of the storm. I don’t want to run home, I want to stay and enjoy the feeling.

Is that the feeling the painter wanted me to experience? Has he felt it too while watching the scene? While reminiscing the scene while painting? I don’t know and I won’t ever know.
For a brief moment I’ve traveled through my thoughts and imagination. Thanks to the painter and its rendering I’ve created a feeling inside my soul.

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